Saturday, January 27, 2007

A new year... a few weeks late, don'cha think?

Well, here it is - January 27 already and the first blog of the new year.

Timely. Yep that's the word to describe me these days - timely.

The problem is that my personal computer continues to be dead. Deceased. Ringing in the choir invisible. It is still an ex-PC.

Despite all appearances to the contrary. It really should be working. It's just confused, and has slipped into a maddeningly long coma from which I am afraid it may not recover. And so, my writing time is on life support right now, since I am BUSY at work even at lunch, and my time in the evenings have been taken up this month with other stuff.

Bother it all.

So here it is - the first blog of the new year and it's coming to you from my wife's PC.

Because she's out watching "Dreamgirls" with friends...

I wonder how many reviews I can pump out in a couple hours?

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