Monday, February 26, 2007

Das AI Boot

American Idol gives das boot to four contestants:


Paul Kim

The barefooted one was given boots made for walkin' and that's just what he did. Not really a surprise, but I thought he was marginally better than some others.

Rudy Cardenas

the curse of being first - I think that America made a big mistake here, perhaps forgetting the performance that led off the Top 24. I thought that Rudy had a great shot at the final 12. Too bad...


Nicole Tranquillo

Again, a marginally better performance than a few others, but in my opinion a far, far better performance than that of Antonella "Wanna see my pictures? Click Here!" Barba...

Amy Krebs

I don't know - maybe krebs=krabs and America got scared. Maybe I'm trying to hard to be clever - yes, that is more likely. Anyway she's gone, so we move on to the Top 20 this week.

Come on back Tuesday night for my TiVo delayed blog on das boys...

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