Thursday, March 15, 2007

American Idol - Brandon Rogers Goes Home

Well, I came this close to getting it right with my parting shot in yesterday's blog.

"Oh, and Brandon Rogers sang. Yeah, he's that forgettable. But Haley's going home."

Missed it by that much.

Apparently, Brandon committed a cardinal sin of American Idol. "Thou shalt not forget thy words, especially when giving a lackluster performance, and most especially when you aren't one of the obvious fan favorites."

Haley broke that commandment as well, flubbing her words, but not quite as badly as Brandon, and probably getting more votes than Brandon based simply on having some cleavage on display during her performance. Sexist? Yes. True? Also yes. Bad Andrew.

So, we're going to be subjected to another week of Sanjaya Malakar, AKA Teflon Boy, and Haley Scarnato. If we're lucky, Sanjaya will be part of the bottom three again, and America will get a clue that he belongs there and send him packing. But he's got that hair. Those eyebrows. That puppy dog cuteness. And enjoyed a LOT of backstory camera time during the audition weeks. Those spots are Gold.

Early predictions for next week's elimination:

WishList Bottom Three: Sanjaya, Haley and Phil
Realist Bottom Three: Phil, Gina and Haley (Sanjaya gets some love from his fans and stays off the floor for a week)
Wishlist Elimination: Sanjaya
Realist Elimination: Phil Stacey

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