Thursday, April 12, 2007

Diana Krall Steps Out with her Debut Album

Diana Krall - Stepping Out (Remaster)

Pros: Fantastic jazz performances by three masters of the craft
Cons: Diana's rougher vocal interpretation might not suit fans of her later work
The Bottom Line: This is one of those albums I think any music collector should own ? if you don?t own any jazz, consider expanding your mind with Diana Krall's debut recording

Owning a voice that is both lithe and luxurious, and possessing superb piano skills born of both a classical education and years training with jazz masters, Diana Krall is a doubly gifted musician who has crafted a niche for herself in the world of jazz. She has made a career of performing mostly long-time standards of jazz, exploring works both familiar and unfamiliar to many.

With her debut album, Stepping Out, released in 1993 by Justin Time Records (her only recording for that label), Diana Krall made an indelible mark on the genre, presenting fantastic interpretations of each song, tracks that still stand out as being among the best work she has ever produced...

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