Thursday, April 19, 2007

Diana Krall's Terrific First Album at GRP

Diana Krall - Only Trust Your Heart

Pros: Love the addition of saxophone to Krall's sound; Christian McBride is greatness
Cons: A minor nitpick - feels a little bit skimpy with nine tracks at forty-six minutes
The Bottom Line: Another incredible recording by Diana Krall and her hand-picked backing band of jazz greats. Krall got off to a fine start at GRP with this high-quality effort.

After recording a stunning debut album with jazz greats Jeff Hamilton and John Clayton, Diana Krall jumped to the prestigious GRP label, and in 1995, released another fabulous album featuring outstanding jazz musicians. Only Trust Your Heart is a showcase for the immense talents of Lewis Nash on drums, Stanley Turrentine on tenor saxophone, and Christian McBride and Ray Brown sharing time on bass, not to mention Miss Krall's marvelous turn at vocals and the piano...

...I probably fall for Diana's music hardest when she turns out a quiet ballad; her throaty alto is perfect for a slow, contemplative work like The Folks Who Live on the Hill and wonderfully seductive in the bluesy All Night Long, penned by Nancy Wilson and George Shearing. I really would have liked to hear more of the quieter side of Diana Krall on this album; there are just three ballads to be found here - the album sounds a bit short to me with just nine songs in forty-six minutes, but then, I could listen to this sort of music all day long.

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