Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American Idol - Top Three

Every once in a while, I post a comment somewhere else that I like enough to want to share it with more people...

Going Home.


Yes, just like the GSWs, MsDooLots is going home tonight, head held high, riding off into a promising, dawning career. You see, Simon is at it again - he is nailing the coffin shut on yet another singer even while praising her. He loves Melinder, he thinks she can do no wrong, she deserves to win.

To a Blaker Girl - them's fightin' words. My guess is that last night saw record numbers of votes for the Blakester (who actually DIDN'T channel Sting last night, despite what Simon says - trust me, I've heard Mr. Sumner sing "Roxanne" live several times, an' that ain't it)

And I believe that the LaKisha Lovers still have a few water balloons they'd like to throw at Melinda, or as they might call her "That Non-Lisping Goody Two Shoes Who Just. Won't. Die. GRRR!"

So Jordin wins by getting the LaKisha voters, her own voters, perhaps some VFTW voting going against Melinda and maybe even catching Melinda voters napping after hearing Simon's soothing suppositions - and wouldn't you like to hear Kiki try to say that fast five times?

Yeah, I went there.


GG said...

Thanks for the shout out. If what you said is going to happen actually happens, I'm linking this to my blog.

Good stuff.

Andrew said...

I just noticed that, for whatever reason, my comment didn't actually post over at your review. I thought I hit that submit button...

GG said...

It's there, I just had to approve it.