Friday, February 2, 2007

voices still carry, even twenty years later...

'til tuesday - Voices Carry

Pros: "Voices Carry" - the song - was an instant classic
Cons: "Voices Carry" - the album - is remarkably unremarkable outside it's signature hit
The Bottom Line: The only reason to buy it is if you're an eighties or Aimee Mann fanatic. If you just want the title song, you can find it in many 80's collections.

How far can one track carry an album? Can one terrific song justify all the rest in a studio release? Those questions come to mind regarding til tuesday's 1985 CBS/Epic debut, Voices Carry and its hit single of the same name. ...

...Instrumentally, Voices Carry is a marvelous slice of mid-eighties pop/new wave (slowly chugging guitar chords, lots of the era's familiar analog wave sound) but it's Aimee's highly charged vocal performance that really sells the song. It's a terrific song, one that belongs in any music lovers library.

But is it strong enough to support Voices Carry, the album? Is any album worth ONE song?

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