Monday, January 21, 2008

The hype doesn't even come close to reality...


Pros: Fantastically realized terrifying scenario captured on "home video".

Cons: Horrifyingly realistic depiction of destruction in Manhattan likely to be too much for some

The Bottom Line: JJ Abrams delivers on the hype and more. This is a must see movie.

It's very rare for the hype that precedes a movie to be eclipsed by the actual film once released.

JJ Abrams' Cloverfield is one of those rare movies.

For me, the hype began with my first viewing of the completely enigmatic trailer that preceded Transformers last summer. When my son and I left the theater that night, we completely ignored the robotic mayhem we'd just witnessed and instead spent the next hour enthusing over the two minute teaser for a film that, at that point, wasn't even named. All we knew was that we wanted to see "that movie with the party and the explosion in New York City", and last night, every imagination, every fantastic conjecture, and all our expectations were exceeded.

Cloverfield is simply a marvelous film...

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