Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Josh Groban - Awake


Pros: Yay! More Josh Groban! Love his music...
Cons: ...when it's performed LIVE. Hmmm...
The Bottom Line: Josh -put out another CD/DVD combo. Make me fall in love with these songs. You're a great theatrical vocalist; keep it on the stage from now on, OK?

Vocalist Josh Groban returns with his latest recording, Awake, and while this is the first of his studio albums that I've managed to really connect with, the problem is that I'm not completely convinced by this effort either. Maybe I just need to wait for the next PBS special / DVD release to come out and be happy with that.

I've always enjoyed listening to Josh sing, but I've always preferred the sound of his live albums over the studio albums. I think that the reason is pretty simple – the theatrical quality of his voice and his music just seems to lend itself better to the stage rather than the studio...
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