Monday, October 23, 2006

Songs from the Labyrinth

Pros: Music made simply for the love of it succeeds in becoming music to be loved
Cons: None from me. Some will be turned off by it simply because it's "classical"
The Bottom Line: A loud and enthusiastic ovation for Sting - for working so hard to present us with music he cares deeply about, and for presenting it so authentically. A masterwork, indeed...

Sting has faced this perception before – some might view his latest album, Songs From The Labyrinth as nothing more than a conceit. In 1985, his move into the world of jazz was widely commented upon, even derided and dismissed as a misguided attempt to prove his jazz roots and his own genius – dismissed, that is, until the world heard his debut solo album The Dream of the Blue Turtles. Sting captured audiences old and new alike with his unique jazz, pop and rock fusion, and in the process, re-energized his own love of making music. Now, more than twenty years later, an older, wiser, definitely less brash Sting has reached into new territory again, this time fully immersing himself in the songs of John Dowland, a widely traveled and popular minstrel of the Elizabethan Renaissance who never found favor with his queen...

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