Sunday, December 3, 2006

Jose Saramago - The Stone Raft

Jose Saramago - The Stone Raft

Saramago tells a fantastic tale set within our own world, fascinating and thought-provoking
Perhaps the reality is too much. I find his other works more satisfying
The Bottom Line:
Jose Saramago is a master story-teller, and The Stone Raft is no exception. You owe it to yourself to read all his works...

In The Stone Raft, Nobel Prize winning author Jose Saramago takes us to the Iberian peninsula of modern day Portugal, Spain and France. There, he presents five strangers and a dog, all drawn together by oddly unique, super-natural experiences and one extraordinary event.

Joana Carda draws a line on the ground that cannot be erased. Joacim Sassa lifts a large stone and tosses it hundreds of yards into the sea. Pedro Orce gets out of bed one morning to feel the earth shaking constantly beneath his feet. A flock of starlings follows Jose Anaico wherever he goes. Maria Guavaira picks at a thread on a sock, and the thread keeps pulling loose, a never ending pile of thread that grows and grows.

And Ardent, the dog, is the first to find the crack in the earth…
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