Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sting's Greatest Work to Date

Nothing Like The Sun
Released October 1987 by A&M Records

Sting's first solo album, The Dream Of The Blue Turtles, was deliberately crafted to showcase Sting as a solo artist, to break him free of the mold of The Police - the highly successful band that he had fronted for several years. Sting's first solo recording drew heavily on jazz influences, and accomplished the clean break from The Police that he desired. With his second solo album Nothing Like The Sun, released in 1987, Sting began the process of creating a signature style. Sting has always maintained his that he is a “pop” music artist, while consistently producing music that defies pop convention, transcending most other artists who are considered “pop”. Nothing Like The Sun was made up of songs that took a familiar form in pop music, such as a dance single, rock anthem, or ballad, and fashioned them into something more elegant, powerful, and poignant. With Nothing Like the Sun, Sting made music that mattered...

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