Friday, May 4, 2007

Diop Dirk!

Dear Mark Cuban,

I know that you must be going through a "difficult time" right now, so I'll be brief...

Mark, please - look at what the Warriors just did to your favorite toy. They bullied you, Mark - they stole your toy out from under your nose and teased you with it, almost giving it back, but snatching it away again when you thought you could get it out of their hands.

So, what now, Mark? What will you do to protect yourself from the big meanies who live in the wild, wild West, Mark? I have an idea for you, and you aren't going to like it...

Drop Dirk. ASAfreakin'P

You have all the pieces you could ever want or need, but your best player isn't protecting your precious toy from the bullies, Mark. Where was he last night? Your other players were staying with the Warriors throughout the second quarter just fine without Dirk - did he really need to come back in the second half?

What you REALLY need, Mark, is a power forward who will bully the bullies, step in and help Diop (and whatever center you bring in to replace Dampier - hint, hint) bang the bodies inside. You need to strike some fear into the hearts of the other kids on the block, Mark. Sure, they know you can score lots of points, but they aren't afraid of that - they just have to try to score more points than you, and you know how they do that? By pushing you around, that's how...

Dirk doesn't push back. He's seven feet tall, he's a smart player, and he can shoot like no one else his size in the league - but he's a pushover. Stick a feisty six foot six guard on him, and he gets flustered.

Mark - go find a power forward and/or another center who isn't afraid to go to the rim, who isn't afraid to give up a few points in favor of instilling some fear and respect within the hearts of your opponents. In game 5, Diop came out and showed you what you need - a guy who'll disrupt everything inside and create points and rebound opportunities.

Trade Dirk, Mark - trade him now while he's still got some shine left in that dubious MVP honor he's probably going to get soon... somebody needs him, Mark.

But not you.

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Mike said...

Dirk disappointed me-MAJORLY. If I were Cuban, I'd probably trade him as well, but GG is right, you shouldn't trade someone when their value is at an all-time low.