Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fighting familiar foo for Jesus...

Aaron Shust: Whispered and Shouted

Pros: Catchy pop-rock tunes, interesting personal stories for each song in the liner notes

Cons: It's not truly original, but it does "the usual" so very well...

The Bottom Line: Aaron Shust's brand of CCM pop-rock is a cut above the usual...

Every so often, one of those recordings comes along, its sounds diving deep into my brain and circulating within my memory for weeks and weeks. Snippets of song will rise unbidden at seemingly random moments, phrases jostled out of the corners of my mind to begin looping in my head while I rush for the disc and my favorite headphones so I can listen to the song in full.

(...swirling electronics, a Foo Fighter-esque guitar hook, and a fast four rock tempo...)
There are always days when I don't feel like singin'
There are always days when I don't care at all
But I know the king of all creation reigns completely
Over every moment great and small

Long live the One who gives us
Life and peace and hope for tomorrow...

(and rock out on air guitar as more Fooey hooks are played…yeah!)

Aaron Shust's Whispered and Shouted is full of great moments like this - a solid offering of catchy contemporary Christian pop-rock that will have you listening to the album over and over. It's definitely one of those recordings that will have you pressing repeat on your CD player...

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