Monday, July 9, 2007

These praises ring true, mostly...

Lincoln Brewster: Let the Praises Ring

Pros: Quality Pop Rock Sounds, Quality Worship Songs
Cons: A few mis-steps here and there
The Bottom Line: Lincoln Brewster is a versatile guitarist, with an engaging voice and a knack for crafting nifty pop-rock hooks. "Let The Praises Ring" is a solid collection of his best work.

Does an artist whose discography contains just four albums truly deserve a "Best of" collection? Well, sure, if you’ve got talent and a knack for creating some of the more interesting music in your chosen genre...

Since he debuted in 1999, Christian music’s Lincoln Brewster has proved himself to be a quality guitarist, singer, writer and arranger; Integrity Music’s 2006 collection, Let the Praises Ring - The Best of Lincoln Brewster is a solid, seventeen track retrospective of this established worship leader’s best work.

Drawing equally from his three studio recordings and his recent live album, Let the Praises Ring showcases Brewster’s guitar-driven brand of pop-rock worship, a sound similar to that of Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, Charlie Hall, and David Crowder but with one notable exception: Brewster can bang out a terrific guitar solo at any given moment. Other popular worship groups write equally good music as Brewster, but just don’t have the advantage of having a really great guitarist in the band...

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