Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've been promoted...

Yes, it's true - I have a new job.

No, I haven't left Cingular, and I haven't been promoted there either. I do hope to be promoted at my place of employment sooner rather than later, but I'm actually talking about Epinions.

Epinions is my favorite online community. Sure, it's a consumer opinion site, and to date, I've published 243 articles there, but it's my friends in the community that have kept me coming back nearly every day for the past three years. Now, the Epinions staff has decided to give me one of the Lead positions for the Music category - my Epinions experience is probably about to get even more intense. I've done just about all there is to do at the site other than actually work for the company (as in draw a real salary with benefits) - I've been a Music Advisor and Top Reviewer, as well as a General Moderator for the message boards, and now I have the chance to work at the highest level of the community.

I'm looking forward to the chance to work closer with Shelly, the other Music Lead - I've enjoyed working with her as a Moderator and Admin for the wonderful forum that she and her husband host, the Epinions Music Source. I'm also hoping that I'll be able to contribute something to the improvement of Epinions overall - the Leads are a great group of Epinionators who care about the development of Epinions both as a business and a community. And that's my goal - to be able to help bring something to the table that will make Epinions a better place in the long run.
This is going to be fun...

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Anonymous said...

I intend to be righteously aggravating in each and every way I can!

I'm kidding!!

Or AM I???